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Citations and Other Statistics (as of June 2018)

Research Interests

  • Evaluation of Labor Market Programs
  • Job Search and Unemployment Dynamics
  • Entrepreneurship, Self-Employment, Start-up Subsidies
  • Personality Traits, Preferences, and Economic Outcomes
  • Applied Microeconometrics

Current Research Projects

  • Evaluating the Minimum Wage Introduction in Germany (EVA-MIN) – Innovative Knowledge Transfer and Evidence-Based Evaluation [joint project with SOEP and IAB]
    Leibniz Competition, Berlin, Germany
  • Evaluating the New Start-Up Subsidy for the Unemployed
    Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nuremberg, Germany

Discussion Papers / Work in Progress / Papers in the Editorial Process

  • Caliendo, M., Fedorets, A., Preuss, M., Schröder, C. and Wittbrodt, L. (2017): The Short-Term Distributional Effects of the German Minimum Wage Reform, Discussion Paper No. 11246, IZA Bonn. [Details & Download]
  • Caliendo, M., Mahlstedt, R. and Künn, S. (2017): Mobility Assistance Programmes for Unemployed Workers, Job Search Behaviour and Labour Market Outcomes, Discussion Paper No. 11169, IZA Bonn. [Details & Download]
  • Caliendo, M., Cobb-Clark, D., Seitz, H. and Uhlendorff, A. (2016): Locus of Control and Investment in Training, Discussion Paper No. 10406, IZA Bonn. [Details & Download]
  • Caliendo, M., Cobb-Clark, D., Hennecke, J. and Uhlendorff, A. (2015): Job Search, Locus of Control, and Internal Migration, Discussion Paper No. 9600, IZA Bonn. [Details & Download]
  • Arni, P., Caliendo, M., Künn, S. and Mahlstedt, R. (2014): Predicting the Risk of Long-Term Unemployment: What can we learn from Personality Traits, Beliefs and other Behavioral Variables?, Working Paper, Potsdam. [Details & Download]
  • van den Berg, G., Caliendo, M., Schmidl, R. and Uhlendorff, A. (2014): Matching or Duration Models? A Monte Carlo Study, Working Paper, Bonn. [Details & Download]
  • Caliendo, M., Künn, S. and Schmidl, R. (2011): Fighting Youth Unemployment: The Effects of Active Labor Market Policies, Discussion Paper No. 6222, IZA Bonn. [Details & Download]
  • Caliendo, M. and Kritikos, A.S. (2009): „I Want to, But I also Need to“: Start-Ups Resulting from Opportunity and Necessity“, Discussion Paper No. 4661, IZA Bonn. [Details & Download]
  • Caliendo, M. and Uhlendorff, A. (2008): Self-Employment Dynamics, State Dependence and Cross Mobility Patterns, Discussion Paper No. 3900, Bonn. [Details & Download]